seventeen – unexpected learning opportunities

This week, I:

  • woke up to find my country’s government had, quite literally, shut down over night
  • made friends with a lovely woman named Afolake, studying for her BSc in nursing, who needed help figuring out how to get a student bus pass
  • plotted out the first draft of an itinerary of sorts for when Becky gets here in less than a week (!!!!)
  • been reblogged by Kid President (…!!!!)
  • received my first mail since making it to this country over a month ago! I couldn’t stop smiling yesterday. Thank you, Shirley & Clint, for an amazing care package!
  • made an unexpected trip to the hospital (Ty broke his ankle; Lis and I brought him a change of clothes & a number of books to stave off boredom)
  • almost fainted while in said hospital
  • discovered The Head and the Heart’s new song, Another Story; proceeded to listen to it an embarrassing number of times
  • decided that rosemary salt is the perfect garnish for chips. No, seriously.

… in that order.


also, Lis & I tried to make Irish friends at a breakfast the Hist held… only to meet more international students. We’re beginning to question the existence of these supposed “Irish” students at this supposedly “Irish” school…

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