twenty-five – city of love

Not the city of brotherly love (that one’s called home, and I’m not quite there yet) — and no, I’m not making some vague reference to falling in love or a whirlwind romance during my time in Dublin, as neither of those occurred (saving my falling in love with the city itself and my whirlwind romance with the pastries of Avoca and KC Peaches).

No, I mean it quite literally, presenting it as a title: Paris.


… though, to be quite honest, I’d have to say that the City of Light seems more appropriate. I didn’t quite get the “City of Love” vibe (but perhaps this is because I speak no French other than mais oui, merci beaucoup, pardon, and bonjour).

City of Light, though — that’s a name I could get behind.


…even if it is supposed to be due to the Age of Enlightenment and not electricity.

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twenty-four – all life is here, mrs. ainslie

Why would you not go out? There’s so much to see.


Parnell Square East, Dublin, Ireland

I went to Italy this past weekend. Somehow, one of the biggest American holidays rolled around without me paying any attention to it: I turned around suddenly and the Black Friday e-mails had swamped my inbox, my mother was sending me pictures of one of my Thanksgiving favorites (squash rolls, for those of a curious nature), Hanna accompanied me to Thanksgiving dinner with some friends in Maynooth, and next thing I knew I was stepping off a plane in Italy.

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twenty-three – missed flights and other dorky moments

Otherwise known as Stories from Study Abroad: Dorks in London — the Extended Edition, or “Hanna and Connor adventure in London and then miss their flight back to Dublin.”


Ah well, we had a good time. I’m always saying that the Extended Editions are the best ones… I suppose it’s time I took my own tastes into account for travel. In any case, moving on!

As it happens, Hanna and I are currently stranded in London. We missed our flight by one. freaking. min — nope, nope. I’m not going to go there yet; it’s making me wince just thinking about it.

On the bright side, this trip has been amazing and the friends we’re staying with are absolutely marvelous human beings of incredible understanding and are, to put it shortly, awesome. Also, we’ve succeeded in our mission to be as dorky as humanly possible. Now we’re just going to be able to take that a bit further!

Plus, as Basia always reminds me, It’s not an adventure if everything goes right.

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fifteen – watch me as i glide

before I tumble homeward, homeward — 

mumford & sons, “lover of the light”

I’ve been in Dublin for one month (which means only three months left! Ack!). I’ve made new friends, signed up for courses in a new university, consumed far too much tea, enjoyed pints with friends on Quiz night, eaten lots & lots & lots of amazingly delicious pastries, and even become vaguely fond of that eye-sore of a monument (but only vaguely fond, mind).

I am, to put it briefly, enjoying myself very much, and I certainly don’t intend to stop enjoying this trip anytime soon ever. That being said, there are some things (some small and some big — here’s looking at you, Philadelphia!) I miss about the States.

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fourteen – dubliners

As someone born on Bloomsday, I appreciate Joyce.


(Okay, that’s actually a bit of a lie. When we read Dubliners in high school, Allison was the one who loved it; I was the one who said, “Ehhhh.)

Since said days of disdain, however, I have come to appreciate Joyce (even though, more than likely, he will never be one of my favorite authors), and I’ve definitely gained an appreciation for Dubliners, whether person or narrative.

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thirteen – awkward americans

First things first: I am now living in the heart of Dublin (aka Dublin 2, not the outlier that is Dublin 6)! That’s right, the third and hopefully-final-move of the term has been completed. In other news, the semester start up program is almost finished. I’ve really enjoyed learning about Irish culture through these courses — its history, literature, art, architecture, even politics if you can believe that of me!


Dublin, as seen from the stairwell in my new building

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