twenty-eight – adventure is out there

When I left for Dublin at the end of last summer, I thought a lot about the idea of leaving and coming back. I spent hours imagining what adventures awaited me in Ireland. Everything became an adventure, whether I was walking on the Giant’s Causeway or walking across campus with my laundry in tow. Ordinary tasks became extraordinary ones because I was in Ireland.

My friends and I would often take a moment on our trips–Galway, Cashel, Dublin, Belfast, wherever we were–to pause, look at each other, smile really big, and just say, “Guys. We’re in Ireland.

This typically led to all of us grinning rather goofily and jumping up and down at least once or twice.



Anyway, going home has been, while relaxing… a bit dull. Not because I wasn’t standing next to Lis on the Cliffs of Moher, or because my letters are addressed with Forever stamps instead of International stamps–more because of the small things, I think. Laundry isn’t an annoying adventure that takes me across a 400 year old campus, trains don’t drop me at Howth for hiking and seafood chowder.  In short, ordinary tasks became ordinary again.

And that is one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to spend spring break of my senior year on a road trip with the lovely Meryl. Other reasons included: Meryl is the best, road trips are awesome, and Ithaca is gorges.


Hi, Meryl!

Yes, we did use that pun at least ten times a day while we were there. No, we did not get bored of it. We were still using it when we hit Michigan.

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twenty-three – missed flights and other dorky moments

Otherwise known as Stories from Study Abroad: Dorks in London — the Extended Edition, or “Hanna and Connor adventure in London and then miss their flight back to Dublin.”


Ah well, we had a good time. I’m always saying that the Extended Editions are the best ones… I suppose it’s time I took my own tastes into account for travel. In any case, moving on!

As it happens, Hanna and I are currently stranded in London. We missed our flight by one. freaking. min — nope, nope. I’m not going to go there yet; it’s making me wince just thinking about it.

On the bright side, this trip has been amazing and the friends we’re staying with are absolutely marvelous human beings of incredible understanding and are, to put it shortly, awesome. Also, we’ve succeeded in our mission to be as dorky as humanly possible. Now we’re just going to be able to take that a bit further!

Plus, as Basia always reminds me, It’s not an adventure if everything goes right.

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twenty — edinburgh (or, hikes and heights)

In the past three days, Lis and I have flown around 250 miles, walked around 25 miles, and managed to hike all of the major high points in Edinburgh.


Edinburgh Castle is just one of those. Continue reading


nineteen — the snare of britain

This weekend was, in short, delightful. You know how awesome experiences are better when shared with your best friend? Well, since Becky crossed the Atlantic to spend her fall break here in Ireland…


… study abroad got that much better.

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eighteen – causeways and coastlines

in which Eileen, Lis, and I visited Northern Ireland and toured the coast.


Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge

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twelve – adventures begin in earnest

For one thing, we ended up hopping a fence.

no, seriously. we hopped this fence.

no, seriously. we hopped this fence.

That’s not ’til the middle, though; allow me to back up a bit.

(WARNING: rocks ahead. I’m being serious! Also, lots of pictures. Carry on, then!) Continue reading


ten – Éire


Goodness, isn’t that beautiful?

The answer, of course, is oh my word yes am I actually here wow okay lovely ummm that’s stunning.

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