twenty-three – missed flights and other dorky moments

Otherwise known as Stories from Study Abroad: Dorks in London — the Extended Edition, or “Hanna and Connor adventure in London and then miss their flight back to Dublin.”


Ah well, we had a good time. I’m always saying that the Extended Editions are the best ones… I suppose it’s time I took my own tastes into account for travel. In any case, moving on!

As it happens, Hanna and I are currently stranded in London. We missed our flight by one. freaking. min — nope, nope. I’m not going to go there yet; it’s making me wince just thinking about it.

On the bright side, this trip has been amazing and the friends we’re staying with are absolutely marvelous human beings of incredible understanding and are, to put it shortly, awesome. Also, we’ve succeeded in our mission to be as dorky as humanly possible. Now we’re just going to be able to take that a bit further!

Plus, as Basia always reminds me, It’s not an adventure if everything goes right.

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eleven – jet lag and street art

I woke up at 9:15 this morning and promptly rolled over and fell back asleep. In case you don’t know me that well, I’m a morning person by nature. No, seriously; that’s the jet lag’s doing. I certainly wasn’t planning to sleep until 11:30, spend fifteen minutes mentally forcing myself to wake up, and another thirty puttering around the house with a mug of Basia’s magic tea in hand still trying to wake up. Goodness! By the time I actually left for Dublin, it was a quarter to three!

Hopefully, I’ll wake up a bit earlier tomorrow. I want to see a Dublin sunrise at some point (this will become more feasible as the days grow shorter, right?), and sleeping ’til noon is no way to do that. Still and all, I did make it to the city. I even made it to TCD campus with enough energy to explore a bit. That was my favorite part because of the people I met there, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We’ll start with the street art. Philly needs to up its game.IMG_0822


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