three – bugs and bibles

The funny part of this post came about after I ate some of my frozen watermelon for dessert last night.IMG_1317Better than popsicles, that stuff.

In any case, there I was: night arrived, lamp on, fan blowing, windows open to the cool breezes of the evening, Bible opened to Isaiah. Perfectly peaceful. As I lay there reading, something moved in the corner of my (limited due to glasses) peripheral vision. I looked up, only to find myself confronted with a small, green bug. Now, I’m not one to go all squeamish over bugs (except cockroaches. Don’t get me started on how nasty those things are. Not to mention terrifying — they can survive nuclear blasts, for Pete’s sake!), so I did what any self-respecting person would have done in my place: I swatted it to death with the closest thing to hand.

… which happened to be my Bible. Naturally. I resumed my reading. A minute later, I saw another bug land on the wall. I squashed it flat with the same weapon and continued in Isaiah. Two minutes and another bug-killing later, I’d had it, so to speak. I moved in line with the understanding that the best offense is a good defense  — in short, I closed the windows. I returned to my bed, where I spent the next three minutes fending off the last bug survivors (three more, in case you were curious),  finished my reading, and went to sleep.

After last night’s adventures in bug-icide (would that be entomolicide? entocide? entomologicide? Or would that last be a killing of someone who studies bugs? Questions to ponder.), this morning’s activities were suitably contained. I talked to Katie for a while, ate lunch (peanut butter honey banana on sourdough? I am so there), wrote some letters, worked on the fashion blog Basia and I created a few months back (… have I not mentioned that little project? Oops), read for a bit, watched the first episode of Welcome to Sanditon… like I said, a pretty calm morning.

Then I went to campus. Oh. my. word.


I am 95% certain this place is paradise.

(The 5% doubt comes from a vague memory of a cold, rainy campus tour during my junior year of high school. ‘Twas a nasty day, true, but clearly I should not have judged Chapel Hill by its rain.)

I caught the bus to UNC shortly after grabbing some fro yo (Yes, I had to run to catch it. Yes, the fro yo was worth it. IT WAS TARO FLAVORED. Taro is one of my favorite flavors, but I had no. clue. it existed in frozen yogurt form. Also, fro yo is ridiculously cheap here. Hoorah!). The ride was quite pleasant (not to mention free), and it certainly helped my sense of direction as we approached campus. I got my Carolina ID (“One Card”) and spent the next hour or so meandering around this fairy land, which seems to me like it might be taken straight out of Middle Earth with the addition of modern convenienes.

IMG_1325My ID apparently doesn’t expire until 2018. That’s kinda scary, but I’m rolling with it.

In any case, I felt like I was walking in some sort of mystical fairy land. There are covered walkways (and by covered, I mean with vines and flowers, not concrete), a planetarium, fancy buildings, rows of mailboxes, green grass as far as the eye can see…


It took me a good minute and a half to be able to read that sign on the bottom left: the artsy lifestyle. Clever, artists. Very modern of you.


This is the scene that made me feel like I was in the Shire. I was almost surprised when Elijah Wood didn’t jump up and declare to an old, bearded man clothed in grey that he’s late. I thought I’d seen it all, but then I noticed the wildlife.


The animals are normal sizes here. I mean, look at that squirrel! It has clearly never been obese a day in its life! It is in no way, shape, or form like the infamous squirrels of my own alma mater, The University of Pennsylvania, who are so, well, infamous for their miscreant ways and sudden demises as they fall spontaneously from tree branches in front of students that someone created a facebook page for them. And that robin? I got too close and it flew away. When was the last time I saw a college campus animal flee my presence? Never, that’s when.

I thought I’d seen it all, but then I came across this little gem of a statue:


Yes. Yes, that is a statue made of books. In a rock. Yes. I know. It’s crazy.

Lest you think I was merely amazed by the campus itself, let me make a short mention of this fabulous little shop I found during my campus wanderings. I was headed back towards the previously pictured mailboxes after an afternoon full of delicious things (aka the summer school information fair gave me a raspberry hibiscus popsicle. YUM) and letter-writing, texting the afore-mentioned Basia about said wildlife. I had just missed the light and was settling in for my two-minute wait (one does not simply jaywalk in Chapel Hill)  when I looked up and there it was: Sugarland.

No, seriously. It’s a cupcake/gelato place named Sugarland.

IMG_1387Look at how cute this place is! I was debating what cupcake to get (red velvet? Coconut cream? Boston cream? Good, ol’ fashioned vanilla?) when the girl behind the counter said that this particular dessert came with either a free t-shirt, free poster, or a free temporary tattoo. Being a college student, I am all about free stuff. I went with the poster.

IMG_1383It’s called The Captain Kirk Crunch, and if you thought I was crazy for buying a chocolate-icing-on-chocolate-cupcake, you’re right. I’m more of a vanilla-with-lemon-buttercream or even lemon-with-lemon-buttercream kind of girl. If there is one thing that will tempt me off my beaten path, however, it is the presence of free goods (e.g. poster — and Basia, if you’re reading this, I wasn’t kidding. This is your birthday present).

This experiment seemed to pay off, though. While I’ll be the first to admit that so. much. chocolate. is a bit overwhelming for me, this cupcake had a secret weapon.


It was stuffed with Nutella.


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