one – greetings and salutations


Earlier this year, I decided to spend another summer in North Carolina. There are plenty of adventures and lessons ahead, so I figured I should probably chronicle them in some manner or other. Be forewarned: I have successfully kept neither blog nor journal throughout my short life, and my stories may not seem significant or even particularly interesting to anyone except myself (Connor. No one cares how many times you made kale salad, or how many mugs of tea you had on that one day before your last final. Get a grip, girl). Still and all, here we are, and there you have it.

IMG_1265In all likelihood, there will be a fair bit of cooking madness to be observed. I’m not particularly keen on recipes (not because I can’t use them; more because I… edit them. A lot. To the point that things practically become different entities. Oops). Because of this, any and all cooking stories — from baking cookies (which I could probably do in my sleep) to making summer salads (see above) are likely to be considered interesting in my book. I also am in the habit of taking pictures of food due to a friend overseas who likes to share in my culinary creations (If you’re reading this — hello, Erika!), so I tend to have a lot of photos of such things lying about.

IMG_1258Ah, books! Stationery! Words and notes and pens and stamps — okay, I’m getting too loquacious about this. In short, two of my other favorites? Reading and writing. I have a reading list the length of my arm and an address book to match it, so if I seem to have disappeared… these are probably the reason.

That’s really about it, I think. I’ll close with the view out of my window at the moment, and one of my favorite parts of this lovely state:IMG_1277a Carolina blue sky.


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